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5 Wishes

  1. saurus says:

    Love the photo set of April Business Suit,she certainly loves to entertain,very good full of happy smiles,one of the best Wetlook models i have ever seen,loves diving and playful scenes,please keep it going. Maybe a handstand fest in a future shoot perhaps.x

  2. Uwfant says:

    Hi Wetfemme,

    What I what love to see is the following scenario:
    * Rachael wearing tight jeans and tight white t-shirt, a black thong bikini underneath
    * First some dry and then some wet shots, both topside as underwater
    * Next, she goes underwater and while holding her breath, she removes the bikini top and her jeans (preferable in one breath)
    * Then some more underwater and topside wetlook shots

    Would be great if you could make this video and then I happily rejoin again. And of course, I will write a review at my blog.


  3. Simon Mordecai says:

    I would like to be in a photo set with two models.

  4. teeehs84 says:

    Lorraine in the pool in a v-neck polo tshirt to show off her awesome cleavage ­čÖé

  5. alexander says:

    i would like to see April and Lorraine swimming in the pool wearing your nightclothes , could be

    Satin pajamas
    Satin robes
    Satin chemise
    Satin negligee etc , longs nightgown .

    thanks so much your website is cool.

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