Members-to-be please read! Important!

To our members-to-be,

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining Wet Femme. We appreciate your interest and support and hope we will entertain you for as long as you decide to remain one of our members.

An important note: some of our new members, to avoid the recurring payment involved with a single month membership, will immediately cancel their recurring payment profile with PayPal. We understand if you want to do that, but there is this warning: by canceling that payment profile immediately, you do not allow the time (it’s a very short time but nonetheless) the system needs to generate your profile on the website. What happens then is that you are billed for the one month, but you don’t have the membership credentials embedded in our system. So please, allow a short time to let the process occur? Once you know you are a member, feel free to cancel the recurring payment profile on PayPal if that’s what you want to do. But confirm you are a member first, and that the system recognizes your sign-in information. We want you to enjoy all the privileges of membership! Thanks, and stay wet!

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