Latest Wet Femme news!

Hi friends! Wet Femme news for today!

One of our new friends had some wonderful things to say about our site:
“From: Mike Subject: General Question Message Body: Omg where has this website been? Don’t change a thing girls are great pool is perfect. Don’t like showers and bath tubs. Keep them in the pool wow great job. Looking forward to more u tube previews. Getting a membership ASAP. You guys are great keep all the wetlook as is Thanks for finally putting together the perfect wetlook I have ever seen Keep it up! — This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Wet Femme (”
Thank you so much Mike! We appreciate all the kind words, and please keep the feedback coming! We are listening!

Elsewhere… our YouTube channel ( has received almost 2,000 views since its inception, with most of the views coming since our launch. We will be using our channel to preview videos that will be posting on our members-only portion of our website. Feel free to check it out, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages (links at the bottom of the our home page), as our circle is growing with a world-wide cross-section of wet look aficionados!

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