Coming soon to Wet Femme!

Hi wet lovers! Thank you again for joining us at Wet Femme! We are in the midst of our third week of existence and our numbers are growing. In addition to traffic on our website, we are up to 145 friends on Facebook, 44 followers on Instagram, and on our YouTube channel, we now have 118 subscribers and our videos have been viewed over 8,000 times! Very exciting times for us! Thank you so much to all of our new friends and followers, and especially to our members. We can’t do this without you!

We are pleased to announce a new video and a new picture set coming in early June. We will preview a clip from the video on our YouTube channel, and on our featured video clip portion of our home page. We will also be previewing a few beautiful shots of our next wet look photo set on our social media outlets. Our Twitter account will be starting soon, and will give us another way to reach out to you with news and previews.

We really appreciate the kind words, as well as the feedback we’ve been receiving. We apologize for a few glitches, and please know we are working on those. And while we can’t necessarily honor every request, we do read everything, and we learn from your insights and suggestions. Thanks, and stay wet!

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