Clarification of Wet Femme Membership Levels

Greetings! This post is being written in response to some confusion regarding membership levels, and primarily the one-month recurring membership. Below is a copy of our policy regarding the one-month membership:

“Members with reccurring monthly subscriptions may cancel their subscriptions at any time. The cancellation will become effective immediately; however there are no refunds for a partial month. All services allocated to the member will continue prior to cancellation. Upon cancellation, the member will lose all member privileges and access to the members-only portion of the website. If a member fails to cancel by the end of their monthly subscription, the subscription will recur for the next calendar month at the same single monthly rate, and continue for subsequent months until cancellation.”

This policy exists on our Refund Policy page. However, we at Wet Femme want to make sure that all of our information is as available and transparent as possible. Please take note of this, as is applicable to your personal membership situation, and enjoy our website.

Thank you,
Wet Femme

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